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Introducing the...
Reform 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Protocol
(WARNING: This is only for men and women who want to lose AT LEAST 6 pounds in 21 days)
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I know you are well aware that summer is right around the corner. And when summer is this close a lot of fit pros will try to use scare tactics to get you involved in one of their programs. That’s just not my style.  

I want you to know that I do have something that can help kickstart your fat loss, but, this will work any time of year and just because summer is coming doesn’t mean it’s the right program for you. 

If it is, great! If not, that’s completely okay too. If you’re still interested keep reading and I’ll explain a little more about rapid fat loss and what my protocol entails.

What is Rapid Fat Loss? 

It means exceeding the industry standard of 1-2lbs/week of weight loss. Rapid fat loss protocols are not meant to be done long term, but rather as a tool to help you see quick(er) results so you’re more motivated to keep on going after the protocol is finished. 

A rapid fat loss protocol won’t be easy, or fun for that matter. But, done correctly it will be a heck of a tool to get you started. 

If you have been keeping up with my style for any amount of time you will understand that I am all about efficiency in the gym. More work and less time. That’s how I approach almost all my programming. 
"Through my 21 day fat loss I lost almost 20 pounds. I completely changed the way I looked, the workouts fit into an extremely busy schedule and were very easy to follow! 

I would say the best part about the challenge was anytime I was struggling with either food cravings or workouts schedules Chris was literally a call or text away! 

When he says he is here to help in anyway he really is! It was a great program I cannot wait to do it again!"
What will the Reform 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Protocol do for you?
  •  All of the workouts are done for you, and have video tutorials attached to each
  •  Help you lose from 8-15lbs in 21 days
  •  Walk you through step by step how to approach rapid fat loss safely and effectively
  •  Minimal equipment needed
What will the Reform 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Protocol require from you?
  •  First and foremost, dedication. You must be committed to get the best results.
  •  You must be willing to be in a caloric deficit for the entire 21 days.
  •  Every time you walk in the gym you must give it all you’ve got.
"A few months ago, I was, well… fed up! I am a full time working mom with no time to go to the gym. I was feeling awful. Everything I ate made me feel awful. I hated getting dressed in the morning…

I found out not long after, that Chris offered an online training course you could do anywhere. He created my workouts based on what I had in my home, how often I wanted to work out, and for how long. 

Around December he encouraged me to try the 21 day rapid fat loss program he created. This is where I lost a majority of my weight and felt my best. I am now down 23 pounds, 2 pants sizes, and 2 shirt sizes. It’s worth every penny and every inch."
100% Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason at all you aren't satisfied, send me an email within 21 days of purchasing, and I'll refund every penny, no questions asked.
Frequently Asked Questions
So, Rapid Fat Loss — What is it?
I would define Rapid Fat Loss as exceeding the “industry standard” of 1-2# weight loss/week. Rapid Fat Loss is taboo to most coaches and doctors around the fitness industry. I don’t agree with “most” of them, though, and ill tell you why.
Is Rapid Fat Loss for everyone?
No — not many things in life are going to be “for everyone”
Should you use a Rapid Fat Loss Protocol for long periods?
Absolutely not. That would be unhealthy, unsustainable and you would be miserable
Do I starve myself on a Rapid Fat Loss Protocol?
Will you be in a caloric deficit during a Rapid Fat Loss Protocol?
Of course.
Will I enjoy a Rapid Fat Loss Protocol & is it easy?
You probably know the answer to this — but, heck to the no, it wont be fun or easy. It really is all about perspective, though. You will enjoy the end results.
How long does a Rapid Fat Loss Protocol last?
I like to use anywhere from 14-28 days. Any longer leads to pretty severe drop off in adherence to the program.
Should I stick to the rest periods strictly or is there wiggle room?
If you want to achieve the intended results then sticking to the rest periods is essential. But, if you need a little more rest or you feel like you are compromising form due to fatigue listen to you body. 
How heavy should I go?
This will be different for every person (obviously) but, if you can still get 8-12+ reps in the working sets of :30 stick with that weight. Challenge yourself but again, don’t sacrifice form for ego.
What exercise tempo should I use?
For novice lifters I just want the movements to be controlled and steady. Advanced lifters I would like to see an explosive concentrtic (lifting portion) and a 3 second ¾ eccentric (lowering) with a quick last ¼ eccentric (lowering).
How do I time the rest periods?
With my in person clients I always use an app called tabata. It allows you to set custom intervals along with the amount of rounds that go with it. For example 4x:30sec for 3 exercises would be 12 sets.
Do I have to do the extra workouts that are listed at the end and when should I do them?
No, you do not have to do them. If you hit a scheduled workout and have more in the tank feel free to complete one (maybe 2 – if you're crazy) of the extra workouts. If you want to get an extra workout in addition to the scheduled lifts you can put a combo of 2-3 of the extra workouts together.
If I need help at any point during the 21 Days what do I do?
Shoot me an email any time! I reply very quickly ---> :)
What if my gym (or house) does not have the equipment needed for certain exercises?
Shoot me an email and I will get you a substitution exercise as quickly as possible! 
What do I do after the 21 days are up?
We can talk about continuing with an online coaching program or develop a strategy that best suits your needs. 
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*Results may vary, 6lbs was the average lost by test participants
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